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University of Tartu computer science institute

The Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Study Lab of the computer science institute at University of Tartu, offers students courses and a learning environment in computer graphics and virtual reality for video game design and development. Students combine their passion for creating video games with university studies, thereby taking their first professional steps in the entertainment software sector in a comfortable environment under the guidance of experienced instructors.

At the MängudeÖÖ event, the most dedicated students showcase the video games they've created during their studies. Through this activity, they gain firsthand experience of seeing how their created games are actually played. Come and play, because your feedback will help students gain a deeper understanding of their game design, polish the finished games even further, and learn to create even better games in the future!

More about the courses at: https://cgvr.cs.ut.ee/

Mine Sweep Battle

Mihkel Roomet, Kaarel Koido, Muruganantham Jaisankar

A simple fast-paced arcade-style game, Mine Sweep Battle may be based on classic game of Minesweeper, but you don't need to be a nerd to enjoy it!

In a twist of the original game, you are able to defuse mines, removing them from the game. It's more about quick reflexes than elaborate thinking. You can also use bombs to blow them up. Or to mess with other players, cornering and stunning them.

Link to the game!


Johannes Voldemar Langsepp, Kert Karsna, Kristofer Klassen

The homeland of your clan has been attacked by a horde of undead, and only you and your clanmates can stand against them.

A top-down hack-and-slash game, where you need to progress as far as you can in one run to unlock upgrades for the next run. Comes with multiplayer functionality!

Made for University of Tartu Pro Game Jam 2023 and coherence Multiplayer Challenge at Global Game Jam.

Link to the game!

The √Evil

Timo Jairus, Olaf Seisler, Helen Leikmaa, Veronika Kukk

In The √Evil, you must escape the consequences of your own greed. As a rich money-loving CEO, run for your life. The God of JUSTICE is after you. Sacrifice your workers, while preserving your fortune... Remember, life insurance doesn’t come cheap!

Link to the game!

Fate of the Deliveryman

Timo Jairus, Ellis Donnik, Timur Nizamov

In Fate of the Deliveryman, you take on the role of a deliveryman, who delivers packages to the people. However, the list of orders was lost, so you’ll have to make do with a series of vague hints. Deliver the packages and try to be quick about it – their fate is in your hands!

Link to the game!

Delivery Mayhem

Volantibus: Daniel Nael, Ott Saar, Raigo Kõvask

The art of delivering packages is unseen to us simple car drivers. What service provider gets to deliver the package when there aren't enough packages to be delivered? The fastest and strongest of course!

Delivery Mayhem is a package delivery simulation game, where you compete against other delivery providers in a race to deliver the package.

Gather around the couch with your friends and determine once and for all who is the better package deliverer!

Link to the game!