30 | 09 | 23 Apollo Kino Ülemiste

Samsung × Elisa Counter-Strike tournament

Who are more skilled, Estonians or Finns? This is an age-old dispute that will be finally resolved this autumn! For the first time in the history of Estonian e-sports, a big MängudeÖÖ "Counter-Strike" tournament will take place between the best teams of Estonia and Finland.

The qualification games revealed that the Estonian team sYnck and the Finnish team Enhanced will represent their respective countries.

MängudeÖÖ Grand Final is already on the 30th of September!

The representative of Estonia was determined as a result of two qualifications and a local semi-final:

Semi-final: September 24 - the best four will determine the representative of Estonia, who is team sYnck!

You could register for the qualifications on the Esportal website. The prize fund of the tournament is 3000 euros. All stages of the tournament will be broadcast in Estonian on Postimees TV and e-sport Estonian Twitch channel.

The tournament is supported by: Samsung, Elisa, Arvutitark, Esportal and Postimees e-sport