30 | 09 | 23 Apollo Kino Ülemiste

Kvest × Dungeons & Dragonsi lavamäng

Kvest × Dungeons & Dragons live performance

Vinholm Lake is surrounded by a mysterious legend. The island in the middle of the lake has been the site of judgment for alleged witches for centuries, where they were purportedly tried and executed, then buried on the island. Folklore suggests that this activity angered the spirit of the lake, who resides in the depths of its emerald-green waters. Rumors circulate about the Curse of Vinholm.

Coincidentally, four members of the local gaming community find themselves in the Lakeside tavern today, drawn into a whirlwind of events where the way out may not be so obvious. Come and immerse yourself in another Kvest × MängudeÖÖ Dungeons & Dragons stage play, where gaming knowledge isn't essential, and entertainment is guaranteed.

The cast includes: actors Märt Koik, Kristjan Lüüs, and Jürgen Seermaa, along with investor Kristi Saare.
Game Master: Martin Männik.