30 | 09 | 23 Apollo Kino Ülemiste

Gran Turismo tournament

The second big tournament of the 2023 MängudeÖÖ is the Gran Turismo 7 time trial. Similar to the Counter-Strike competition, it is also divided into several different parts and broadcasts. So fasten your seat belt and put the pedal to the metal - the fastest competition of MängudeÖÖ is here!


The first stage of the Gran Turismo 7 tournament, or pre-qualification, is a time trial challenge in the sport game mode. It is a race based on the movie "Gran Turismo", where you have to test yourself with the GT-R NISMO GT3 '18 at the Red Bull Ring. In order for all the results to be recorded nicely, you need to add the user "mangudeoo" as your PlayStation Network friend. You don't have to have a PS+ account for the time trial challenge, but you can play with only one user and your own personal account. You have until the late evening of September 17 to drive the fastest lap. The top 30 times are then split into two different groups. You can keep up with the best times in the Level1 Discord channel.


The second stage of the tournament consists of two qualifiers, which will take place on September 19 and 21, respectively. As a result of pre-qualifications, the fastest 30 times can get there. All qualified players must have a PS+ account. If a user cannot participate in the qualifications assigned to him, his place in the ranking goes to the next user accordingly. On both days, the qualifications start at 20:00 and they will also be broadcasted, which can be watched on the Postimees E-sport Twitch channel.